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Instant Shelter Replacement Parts

This is the replacement model for the Express II shelter with the same high peak you love!

(1) Peak Beam
(2) 4-Prong Peak Slider
(3) Peak Pole
(4) Prong Cover
(5) Outer Truss
(6) Inner Truss Kit (2 Trusses)
(7) Outer Leg
(8) Inner Leg
(9) Slider

Vantage Shelter Replacement Parts

Vantage Top, High Peak
Item# VGT9104
Price $129.00

[2] 4-Prong Peak Slider
Item# 11INPPS2225W
Price $3.50

High Strength Leg Cap, Vantage
Price $10.00

[8] Inner Leg, 40"
Item# VGPIL1538W
Price $15.00

[6] Inner Truss Kit, 2 Trusses, High Peak
Item# VGPTR3496W57325-W
Price $20.00

Nuts and Bolts Kit
Item# VGPNB2504
Price $8.00

[7] Outer Leg, With Pull Pin Leg Adj & Leg Cap
Item# VGPOL1537W
Price $25.00

[5] Outer Truss (Sold Separately)
Item# VGPTR1540W-TC
Price $10.00

[1] Peak Beam
Item# VGPBM1014
Price $18.50

[3] Peak Pole
Item# VG11INPPPA2227W
Price $17.50

[9] Pull Pin Slider- Replace With Rp2ps2pr10gy
Item# SP2PSL3069B
Price $8.00

Replacement Frame-Vantage Frame
Item# VG2F0010W
Price $139.00

Replacement Leg Assembly (Four Legs)Vantage Pull Pin
Item# VGPOL6000W-SET4
Sale $65.00!

Weight Plates (Set of 4)
Price $19.95

Vantage G3 / Pyramid G3 Roller Bag, Black
Sale $39.95!

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