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Speed Shelter 2

Speed Shelter Replacement Parts

PLEASE NOTE: In 2003, EZ-UP® introduced the Speed Shelter II. The Speed Shelter II has a pull-pin ring to disengage the slider, as opposed to the push-pin in the original Speed Shelter. If you need to order a new Outer Leg, Inner Leg, or Outer Leg Slider, please order the correct ones as shown below. If you are ordering a truss, please note that a truss consists of just one bar and order accordingly.


Replacement tops in CUSTOM colors are only available as Made-to-Order and require 8-10 days for production. Custom products are proudly made in the USA. (Standard colors generally do not have the extra time as they are stocked)

Speed Shelter II - 8' x 12'

Speed Shelter Replacements

4-Prong Peak Slider
Item# INPPS2225B
Price $4.00

Inner Leg
Item# SP2PIL4750B
Price $15.50

Inner Leg For Toggle
Item# SP2PIL2761TGB
Price $15.50

Inner Truss Long Truss 45 3/8"
Item# SPPTR2251B
Price $7.00

Inner Truss Shorter 43 5/8"
Item# SPPTR2250B
Price $7.00

Middle Truss, 21" (End to End)
Item# SPPTR2252B
Price $10.00

Nut & Bolt Kit
Price $10.00

Outer Leg
Item# SP2POL4800B
Price $32.50

Outer Leg For Toggle
Item# SP2PLOL2747TGB
Price $32.50

Outer Truss 45"
Item# SPPTR2015B
Price $7.00

Peak Beam
Item# SPPPB2704B
Price $15.50

Peak Pole
Item# SPPPA2256B
Price $17.50

Pull Pin Slider- Replace With Rp2ps2pr10gy
Item# SP2PSL3069B
Price $8.00

Quick Release Pin
Item# INPQR2500
Price $3.00

Replacement Cover Bag, Black
Item# SPACB0812B
Price $36.95

Replacement Frame, Black
Item# SP2F0812B
Price $209.00

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