Screen Enclosures

Screens for EZ-UP Shelters
EZ UP® Screen Enclosures are lightweight, one-piece netting which easily attach to enclose your shelter and protect against flying insects.

Features UV / fire resistant screen mesh, quick attachment straps and grommets for secure fit and heavy-duty zipper.

The Dome II and Sierra II models with angled legs(larger base than top) use the Dome Screen Room.

All 10x10 models where the legs are straight vertical use the 10'x10' wraparound screen room.

Screen Enclosures

10' X 10' Dome Screen Room Attachment(Angle Legged Units) Full Wrap Around
Item #D2SR1006
Price $109.00
10'X10' Screen Room-40' Wrap Around w/ Zipper Door-For Straight Legged Models
Item #EXASR1006
Price $99.99
8'X12' Wrap Around Screen Room
Item #INASR0812
Price $119.00

Nylon Wrap Screen Room For Speed Shelter
Item #SPASR08012W
Price $119.00

10' Full Screen Wall- Single Wall (8 Days to Produce)
Price $110.00
15' Full Screen Wall
Price $160.00
10' Full Screen Wall With Middle Zip
Price $137.00
New E-Z UP® Screen Room is a Lightweight One-Piece Wraparound Enclosure. Keeps Bugs Out. (White)
Price $89.00

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