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This model has been discontinued with no warning and parts are limited to stock on hand. When stock is depleted they will no longer be available.


Instant Shelter Replacement Parts - Regency 12' x 12'

(1) Outer Leg Assembly
(9) Center Hub, Black 3.125
(3) Outer Leg Slider
(4) Outer Truss
(5) Outer Extended Truss
(6,7,8) Peak Truss Assembly

Regency Shelter Replacements

[9] Center Hub (Black)
Item# REPPH3523B
Price $7.50

[5] Extended Outer Truss - (Center) Single Bar
Item# REPTR4825W-2
Price $10.00

Inner Leg
Item# Repil40w
Price $15.50

Nuts and Bolts Kit
Item# REPNB1212
Price $7.00

[1] Outer Leg Assembly
Item# REPOL5500W
Price $15.50

[3] Outer Leg Slider
Item# REPSL2444B
Sale $8.00!

[4] Outer Truss -Single Bar
Item# REPTR4800W-2
Price $10.00

[6,7,8] Peak Truss Assembly
Item# REPTR4850/52/54
Price $31.00

Regency Replacement Top (Blue)
Item# RETO1212BL
Sale $95.00!

Replacement Frame, Complete
Item# REF01212W
Price $149.00

Replacement Bag w/Wheels
Item# REARB1212BK
Price $44.00

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