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Pyramid 2

Replacement Parts for 2013 and Newer Models of Pyramid II

The 2013 and newer Pyramid II shelter folds to 5' length and has a toggle leg height adjustor. Due to this design the upper leg is sold as an assembly of the leg, leg slider and toggle complete. Peak truss assemblies are the 3 pieces that make up the assembly.

Outer truss bars are sold as individual bars.

The 2013 and Newer versions of the Pyramid II fold to 60" and is totally different from earlier! This is the correct page to order from if you have the newer models of Pyramid II. The REPLACEMENT FRAME for this model is no longer available. Please order the Gen3 Pyramid Replacement frame, instead.

Pyramid II Replacements (after 2013)

Center Hub (2013+)
Item# PRPH2427W
Price $10.00

Inner Leg (2013+)
Item# PRPIL15134WH
Price $18.00

Outer Leg (2013+)
Price $45.00

Outer Truss, Single Bar Pyramid II, 59-in (2013+)
Item# PRPTR1540W
Price $10.00

Peak Truss 3 Piece Set (2013+)
Item# PR15262-63WH
Price $25.00

Roller Bag (2013+)
Item# PRRB15254BK
Price $69.00

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