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Pyramid 2

Replacement Parts

(1) Peak Truss Assembly
(2) Center Peak Hub
(3) Outer Trusses (2 Trusses)
(4) Inner Trusses (2 Trusses)
(5) Outer Leg
(6) Inner Leg
(7) Slider (including Pull Pin)

NOTE: Early in 2012 E-Z UP modified the Pyramid II frame. The new version has oval truss bars and a longer inner leg. please order accordingly. The older Pyramid II frames with the flat rectangle truss bars also have variances. When ordering truss bars please add a comment to the bottom of any order with the length of both bars in the set to insure you get the proper bars.

There are three versions of the Pyramid that folds to 48" tall. The parts listed are all that are available. Measure your truss bars and see if what you need maches what we have. Other length are not available and we can no longer get them.

NOTE: The replacement frame for this model is no longer available.

The 2013/14 version of the Pyramid II folds to 60" and is totally different! Please Click Here for Parts

Pyramid II Replacements (pre-2013)

[2] Center Peak Hub
Item# PRHB11BK
Price $10.00

[6] Inner Leg
Price $15.00

[6] Inner Leg (2012)
Item# PYPIL40WH-2012
Price $15.00

[4] Inner Truss
Item# PYPTR2336W-2012
Price $16.00

[4] Inner Truss - 2 Bars -40"
Item# PYPTR2336W
Price $18.00

[7] Leg Slider
Price $8.00

Nuts and Bolts Kit
Price $7.00

[5] Outer Leg
Price $19.95

[5] Outer Leg (2012)
Item# PYPOL48WH-2012
Price $19.95

[3] Outer Truss -
Item# PYPTR2334W-2012
Price $16.00

[3] Outer Truss - 2 Parts- 39 7/8"and 39 1/2"
Item# PYPTR2334W
Price $18.00

[1] Peak Truss Assembly-3 Pcs
Item# PYPTR2438/40/42W
Price $24.50

[1] Peak Truss Assembly-3 Pcs (2012)
Item# PYPTR2438/40/42W-2012
Price $24.50

Pyramid II Plus Roller Bag 9"X9"X48"
Sale $19.95!

Pyramid II Roller Bag
Price $39.95

Weight Plates (Set of 4)
Price $19.95

Pyramid II Roller Bag
Price $39.95
The pyramid II roller bag is 49"x9"x9"

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