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EZ-UP Instant Table System
  • Supports Distributed Weight Load
  •       2' x 2' = 175 lbs. (79 kg)
  •       2' x 4' = 300 lbs. (136 kg)
  • Universal Aluminum Folding Top
  • Fixed Shelf Positions
  • Locking Table Connectors
  • Soft Surface Footpad
  • Push Button Toggles
  • 3 Height Adjustments - 31", 35", and 42"
The versatile Instant Table System was built especially for the exhibit industry. Its multiple connectivity features allow you to change out your table layout and design to suit your various needs instantly. You are not "stuck" with a certain display show after show.

The Instant Table System works well as a stand alone table that supports hundreds of pounds (see weight specifications in "Features" list below) or connects together to create stackable towers, multiple-height tables and so much more. Instant Table means infinite possibilities!

Instant Table Systems:

2' X 2'
Item #ITSY22BK
Price $160.00
2' X 4'
Item #ITSY24BK
Price $300.00
EZ-UP Instant Table System
5 Year Warranty

Instant Table Parts & Accessories

Instant Table Roller Bag, 2' x 2' Black
Item #ITCB22BK
Price $26.00
Instant Table Connector
Price $10.00
Leaf Shelf Kit
Item #ITLS22CL
Price $119.00
Instant Table Leaf Kit
Item #ITLT22CL
Price $80.00
Instant Table Shelf Kit For 2' X 2' Table
Item #ITSK22CL
Price $119.00
Instant Table Shelf Kit For 2' X 4' Table
Item #ITSK24CL
Price $119.00
Set of 2 Leaf Kit Braces
Price $30.00
Soft Service Foot Pads, Set of 4
Price $5.00
Instant Table Folding Panel
Price $104.00
Instant Table Wheel-4 Pack
Price $15.00
Instant Table Wheel-6 Pack
Price $20.00
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