Express 3

Instant Shelter Replacement Parts

PLEASE NOTE: Beginning in 2002, Sam's Club began exclusively selling the Express III shelter with an even higher inside roof clearance than the Express II and a smaller folding size (just 48"). If this describes your shelter, select from the list below. If you do not own the Express III shelter, you may own the Express or the Express II. Replacement parts are limited at this time.

Express 3 Diagram

(1) Peak Truss (Not Avail)
(2) Center Peak Hub (Not Avail)
(3) Outer Trusses (2 Trusses) (Not Avail)
(4) Inner Trusses (2 Trusses) (Not Avail)
(5) Outer Leg
(6) Inner Leg
(7) Slider (including Pull Pin)

Express III Replacement Parts

[6] Inner Leg
Item# EX3PIL2428W
Price $18.00

[5] Outer Leg
Item# EX3POL2432W
Price $29.50

[7] Slider Revised model (Includes Pull Pin)
Item# 11EX3PSL2444B
Price $8.00

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