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ES100s Shelter

Instant Shelter Replacement Parts

(1) Peak Beam
(2) 4-Prong Peak Slider
(3) Peak Pole
(4) Prong Cover
(5) Outer Truss
(6) Inner Truss Kit (2 Trusses)
(7) Outer Leg
(8) Inner Leg
(9) Slider

ES100s Shelter Replacement Parts

[2] 4-Prong Peak Slider
Item# 11INPPS2225W
Price $3.50

Es100s Top, High Peak White-With Grommets
Item# ES100sT9104
Price $119.00

High Strength Leg Cap, Es100s
Item# ES100sPCAP
Price $10.00

[8] Inner Leg, 40"
Item# ES100sPIL1538W
Price $15.00

[6] Inner Truss Kit, 2 Trusses, High Peak
Item# ES100sPTR3496W57325-W
Price $20.00

Nuts and Bolts Kit
Item# EPPN2504
Price $8.00

[7] Outer Leg, With Pull Pin Leg Adj & Leg Cap
Item# 11aES100sPOL1537W
Price $25.00

[5] Outer Truss (Sold Separately)
Item# ES100sPTR1540W-TC
Price $10.00

[1] Peak Beam
Item# ES100sPBM1014
Price $18.50

[3] Peak Pole
Item# ES100s11INPPPA2227W
Price $17.50

[9] Pull Pin Slider- Replace With Rp2ps2pr10gy
Item# SP2PSL3069B
Price $8.00

Replacement Frame-Es100s Frame
Item# Es100s2F0010W
Price $139.00

Weight Plates (Set of 4)
Price $19.95

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