Enterprise 2

Instant Shelter Replacement Parts

PLEASE NOTE: Beginning in 2001, the Enterprise was replaced with the Enterprise II, with a higher inside roof clearance. If you purchased your Enterprise before 2001, you own the Enterprise, not the Enterprise 2.

Beginning in 2005, the Enterprise II was updated with pull pin leg sliders. If ordering legs (either upper or lower) please take care to order correct parts. Feel free to call 800-286-0030 with any questions.

NEW Replacement leg assembly for Enterprise and Express Shelters. If you have the old style push button leg slider and want to upgrade to the Pull pin sliders this special leg assembly is the item for you! Complete leg assembly includes the Pull pin leg slider, the 60" upper leg and the 40" lower leg. Push button leg sliders are out of stock and we do not know when (or if) they will be made again. This is a great way to upgrade an older style frame. Will also work for the older style Zinc-plated frames to replace legs that are no longer available.

If you are ordering a truss, please note that a truss consists of just one bar and order accordingly.

(1) Peak Beam
(2) 4-Prong Peak Slider
(3) Peak Pole
(4) Prong Cover
(5) Outer Truss
(6) Inner Truss Kit (2 Trusses)
(7) Outer Leg
(8) Inner Leg
(9) Slider

Enterprise II Replacement Parts

[2] 4-Prong Peak Slider
Item# 11INPPS2225W
Price $3.50

[8] Inner Leg, 40"- Push Button, For Pull Pin Slider Leg
Item# EPPIL1538W
Price $15.00

[8] Inner Leg, Toggle Type
Price $14.00

[6] Inner Truss Bar Kit, 2 Truss Bars, High Peak
Item# 11EPPTR2200W-TC
Price $20.00

Nuts and Bolts Kit
Item# EPPNB2504
Price $10.00

Outer Leg Cap
Item# INPBC1125
Price $2.00

[7] Outer Leg, Pull Pin Slider Type
Item# EPPOL1537W-PP
Price $29.95

[7] Outer Leg, Toggle Type
Item# EPPOL2611TGB
Price $29.95

[7] Outer Leg, White Push Button Type
Item# 11EPPOL1537W
Price $25.00

[5] Outer Truss Bar(Sold Separately)59"
Item# EPPTR1540W-TC
Price $10.00

[1] Peak Beam
Item# EPPBM1014
Price $18.50

[3] Peak Pole
Item# 11INPPPA2227W
Price $17.50

[4] Prong Cover
Item# INPPC1269B
Price $1.50

[9] Pull Pin Slider- Replace With Rp2ps2pr10gy
Item# SP2PSL3069B
Price $8.00

Quick Release Pin
Item# INPQR2500
Price $3.00

Replacement Frame, Enterprise 10' Gen 3 Frame
Item# EP3STL10KF

Sale $240.00!

Replacement Leg Assembly (Four Legs)Vantage Pull Pin
Item# VGPOL6000W-SET4
Sale $65.00!

Replacement Leg Assembly (One Leg), Upper ,Lower and Slider
Item# EXPOL6000W-SET1
Price $35.00

Replacement Leg Assembly (One Leg), Upper ,Lower and Slider
Item# VGPOL6000W-SET
Price $35.00

[9] Slider, Black, Push Button
Item# INPLS1506B
Price $8.00

Snap Buttons
Item# INPSBA180
Price $2.00

Toggle (Only)
Item# EP2P1432TGB
Price $10.00

Top Attachment Nut
Item# EC2PTAN2303
Price $2.00

Weight Plates (Set of 4)
Price $19.95

10' X 10' Enterprise II/Encore II Dust Cover Bag, Black
Item# CBPR10BK
Sale $36.75!

Enterprise Roller Bag W/Pocket, Fits Express II Also
Item# RBEP10BK
Sale $39.95!

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