Encore 2

Instant Shelter Replacement Parts

The Encore name has been reintroduced to the E-Z UP product line as the "Encore II" in the spring of 2004. This "Commercial Grade Shelter" is offered exclusively by Sam's Club membership stores nationwide.

The Encore II has two styles, HP and LP. Parts listed here are for the LP model.

The Encore II LP frame's crossed pairs (4 pairs total) are each the same length of 57.25 inches. If your crossed pairs are made up of two bars of equal length, you have the Encore II LP version.


This model does not have the top with the Hook and Loop (like Velcro) horizontally along the valance edge for the sidewalls or the sidewalls which also are full Hook and loop along the top.

If your top has this, order the Sam's Club model top and walls.

(1) Pole, 3-Way Awning, Left
(2) Pole 3-Way Awning, Right
(3) Peak Pole Assembly
(4) Slider, Peak Beam, Black
(5) Peak Beam Assembly, White
(6) Truss Assembly, Outer, Rectangular, White 59"
(7) Truss Assembly, Inner, Rectangular, White 57.25"
(8a) Leg Assembly, Outer, Aluminum, White, 60" (for use w/10c Slider)
(8b) Leg Assembly, Outer, Aluminum, White, 60" (for use w/10a & 10b Slider)
(9) Leg Assembly, Inner, Aluminum, White, 40"
(10a) Slider, Assy, 2-prong, 1.25", Black
(10b) Slider, Assy, 2-prong, 1.25", Black
(10c) Slider, 1.25", Black

Encore II 10'x10' Replacement Parts

[9] Leg Assembly, Inner, Aluminum, White, 40.00"
Item# EN2IL3498W
Price $14.00

[8a] Leg Assembly, Outer, Aluminum, White, 60.00" For Use W/ 10c Slider
Item# EN2OLSB3497W
Price $19.00

[8b] Leg Assembly,Outer,Aluminium,White,60.00" For Use W/10a and 10b Slider
Item# EN2OLPP3509W
Price $19.00

Nuts and Bolts Kit
Item# EPPNB2504
Price $10.00

[5] Peak Beam Assembly, Aluminum, White, 30.00"
Item# EN2PB3493W
Price $20.00

[3] Peak Pole Assembly, White, 38.50"
Item# INPPPA2227
Price $25.00

[1] Pole, 3-Way Awning, Left, 1.25"
Item# INP3WA3490W
Price $9.50

[2] Pole, 3-Way Awning, Right, 1.25"
Item# INP3WA3491W
Price $9.50

[10a] Slider Assy, 2-Prong, 1.25", Black SEE GEN 3 SLIDER
Price $11.00

[10b] Slider Assy, 2-Prong, 1.25", Black, Encore II
Item# EN2PSL3482B
Price $8.00

[10c] Slider, 1.25", Black
Item# EN2SL3499B
Price $7.00

[4] Slider, Peak Beam, Black
Item# EN2PS3492B
Price $6.50

Snap Buttons
Item# INPSBA180
Price $2.00

Top Attachment Nut
Item# EC2PTAN2303
Price $2.00

[7] Truss Bar, Inner, Rectangular, White, 57.25"
Item# EN2TRLP3496W
Price $10.00

[6] Truss Bar, Outer, Rectangular, White, 59" ( One Bar)
Item# EN2TR3494W
Price $10.00

Weight Plates (Set of 4)
Price $19.95

Awning, 10' Polyester, White
Item# INAWN0010WH
Price $14.95

Sidewall, 10', Zippered, White
Price $55.00

Duralon Economy Wall Set
Sale $130.00!

10' X 10' Enterprise II/Encore II Dust Cover Bag, Black
Item# CBPR10BK
Sale $36.75!

Enterprise Roller Bag W/Pocket, Fits Express II Also
Item# RBEP10BK
Sale $39.95!

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