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Dome 2

Instant Shelter Replacement Parts

PLEASE NOTE: EZ-UP has implemented a design change for the Dome. The old 9' Dome had a 4 piece flex-rod assembly roof. This design has been replaced with the more convenient Dome II with a single roof assembly. Parts for the Dome II are not compatible to the older model Dome. (WE NO LONGER CARRY PARTS FOR THE DOME UNIT). If you have to piece together 4 flex rods to form the roof, you own the old Dome.

(1) Outer Leg
(2) Inner Leg
(3) Truss (2 Bars)
(4) Flex Rod
(5) Center Hub
(6) Extension Peak (Metal Tube)
(8) Outer Leg Slider (2-prong)
(8) Outer Leg Slider (3-prong)
(8) Outer Leg Slider (pull-pin slider)

Dome II Repair Parts

[5] Center Hub
Item# D2PHA2175B
Price $16.00

[6] Extension Peak
Item# D2PTP2162B
Sale $5.00!

[4] Flex Rod
Item# 11D2RA9500B
Sale $12.00!

[2] Inner Leg
Item# D2PIL1488W
Sale $5.00!

Nuts and Bolts Kit
Item# D2PNB2505
Price $7.00

[8] Outer Leg 2-Prong Slider
Item# DMPLS0000
Price $4.50

[8] Outer Leg 3-Prong Slider- Push Button Discontinued
Item# D2PLS2551B
Price $6.00

[1] Outer Leg For Pull Pin Slider
Item# D2POL2178W
Sale $6.00!

[8] Outer Leg Pull Pin Slider
Item# D2PLSPP2551B
Price $5.00

[1] Pull Pin Outer Leg (Snap Button)
Item# 11D2PPOL2178W
Price $17.50

[11] Quick Release Pin
Item# INPQR2500
Price $3.00

Replacement Frame
Item# D2F009500W
Sale $40.00!

[3] Truss (2 Bars)
Item# D2PTR9500
Sale $10.00!

Replacement Cover Bag, Blue
Item# D2CB10BL
Price $12.95

Dome 2 Roller Bag
Item# D2ARB10BK
Price $39.95

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