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Bungalow® by EZ-UP's Designer Preferred line is the only superior-quality cabana that can be installed in minutes. The distinctive shelters provide years of outdoor living with the patented 'instant' technology, engineered with the highest-quality materials available and combined with award winning designer patterns. EZ-UP's Bungalow Designer Preferred line ensures effortless portability, maximum weather resistance and lasting impressions with family and guests.

Bungalow Shelters are designed to be set up and remain set up for continuous enjoyment.

Each Designer Prepared Pavillion includes:

  • Aircraft aluminum frame
  • Sunbrella® awning grade top with a wind vent
The Bungalow Preferred Pavillion shelter comes with your choice or Sidewalls or Insect Screens!

Sidewall Set also includes

Sunbrella® furniture grade full sidewalls with deluxe, solid color tie-backs and zippered edges, attach to enclose entire pavillion for all side

Insect Screen Set also includes- Full screen walls, attach to enclose entire pavillion. Center zippered openings allow easy access for you, but keep the bugs to a minimum! Openings at the corners allow the full wall deluxe tie back curtains to go through and wrap around the leg, creating an elegant look with drawn back curtains while allowing you the protection of the screen room.
For all sides (4 sides on 10x10 and 6 sides on larger models)

All sets include:

Inner Top Liner
Cover Bag for Top and Frame
Storage Bag for Sidewall Set
5 Year Warranty


Frame - 10 years
Top - 5 years
Sidewalls - 5 years
Insect Screens - 5 years


Luxe Preferred Pavillion With Sidewalls

Luxe 10'x10', Sidewalls
Sale $3599.00!

Luxe 13'x13', Sidewalls
Sale $4399.00!

Luxe 16'x16', Sidewalls
Sale $5249.00!

Luxe Preferred Pavillion With Sunscreens

Luxe 10'x10', Insect Screens
Sale $1799.00!

Luxe 13'x13', Insect Screens
Sale $2199.00!

Luxe 16'x16', Insect Screens
Sale $2699.00!


Villa Preferred Pavillion with Sidewalls

Villa 10'x10', Sidewalls
Sale $3599.00!

Villa 13'x13', Sidewalls
Sale $4399.00!

Villa 16'x16', Sidewalls
Sale $5249.00!

Villa Preferred Pavillion with Sunscreens

Villa 10'x10', Insect Screens
Sale $1799.00!

Villa 13'x13', Insect Screens
Sale $2199.00!

Villa 16'x16', Insect Screens
Sale $2699.00!


Did you know you can actually customize your Bungalow Preferred Canopy? Choose from Awning or Umbrella colors on this page: Custom Colors and then enter the number for the custom fabric in the space next to the canopy size you need. Have questions? We're always ready to help! Just give us a call at 800-286-0030.

Custom Preferred Pavillion with Sidewalls

Custom 10'x10', Sidewalls
Sale $4299.00!
Custom Color:

Custom 13'x13', Sidewalls
Sale $5299.00!
Custom Color:

Custom 16'x16', Sidewalls
Sale $6399.00!
Custom Color:



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